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Established by Dr. M. Lak and Dr. A. Hahsemi in January 2015, Zist Samaneh Pardis Ltd. is a company of two teams with main focus on Biosystems Engineering as well as Horticultural Affairs. Zist Samaneh is a Farsi synonym for Biosystems. The members of both the teams are engineers with experiences on:

Design, construction, equip, and renovation of greenhouses
Grafting and gardening services
Landscape design and implementation
Crop growth modeling
Agricultural systems analysis
Agricultural machinery design, prototyping, test, and evaluation
Agricultural mechanization


ریخته‌گری انواع فلزات به روش سنتی با استفاده از کوره ذوب القایی

انجام عملیات پرس‌کاری با پرس 400 تن


سفارش محدود یا انبوه در کمترین زمان و صرف هزینه کم


همدان-شهرک صنعتی بهاران

تماس با ما


Provided by a joint of AGRIMECHANIZATION administration and Biosystems team of Zist Samaneh Pardis Ltd., AgroService is a consulting platform for farmers to assess the status and quality of technical services in their surroundings. Experts analyze the gathered data and feedback to the appliance roughly in 24 hours to 3 working days. This service is free of charge for all farmers throughout the world in all the time. 

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درگاه پرداخت دستی وب سایت


Getting started in July 2013, AGRIMECHANIZATION is the first Agricultural Mechanization Specialized Website that aims concepts related to agricultural engineering, technologies, automation, machinery, and biosystems engineering towards food security and sustainable agriculture.