International Conference On Agricultural Engineering and Food Security

November 12-13, 2018
Frankfurt, Germany


Conference Topics
Agriculture and Food Security
Agricultural Production Systems & Rural Agribusiness
Organic Farming
Agricultural Biotechnology
Agriculture, Animal Care, and Veterinary Science
Fertilizers and Pesticides
Aqua Farming- Techniques & Methods
Agricultural Mechanization and Automation
Food Nano Technology
Advances in Food Science and Technology
Food Microbiology and Food Safety
Food Packing
Food Informatics, Regulations and Packaging
Soil & Water Management
Nutraceuticals and Functional Food
Climate Impacts on Food Security
Food Quality Control Systems
Food Analysis, Nutrition & Dietary Management
Food Security: The Rising Crisis and Its Management
Food and Agricultural Waste Management

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Getting started in July 2013, AGRIMECHANIZATION is the first Agricultural Mechanization Specialized Website that aims concepts related to agricultural engineering, technologies, automation, machinery, and biosystems engineering towards food security and sustainable agriculture.