2018 ASABE Annual International Meeting

Jul 29 - Aug 1 2018
Detroit, Michigan, USA


Abstract Submission: Jan 3, 2018
Early Registration: October 1, 2017 – June 9, 2018
General Registration: June 9-28


Conference Topics
Advanced Wood- and Bio-Composites for Structural and Other Applications
Emerging Trends in Biological Engineering
Forest Based Biomass: Harvesting, Processing, Transport, and Storage
Lifecycle Analysis of Agricultural Products and Systems
Woody Biomass Processing and Conversion
Best Practices in Undergraduate Programming
Education, Outreach, & Professional Development POSTER Session
Educational Approaches for Transdisciplinary Instruction in Food and Agricultural Systems
Emerging Curriculum and Educational Programming in Precision Technology Development
Food for Thought POSTER Session
Innovations and Integration of Instruction
New Initiatives in Graduate and Undergraduate Education
Advanced and Drop-in Biofuels Production - Biochemical Approach
Advances in Biomass Preprocessing and Pretreatment
Advances in Lignin Valorization for Fuels, Chemicals and Bioproducts
Biomass Feedstock Supply Logistics and Modeling
Catalytic and Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass - Pyrolysis, Torrefaction, and Gasification
Effects on Compression Molding and Energy Consumption of Wheat Straw POSTER Session
Energy Systems POSTER Session
Energy Utilization and Application in Agricultural Facilities, Processes and Operations
Production, Processing and Conversion of Algae
Renewable Energies
Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies
Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Assessment of Bioenergy of Agricultural Systems
Value-Added Chemicals and Products from Biomass
Ergonomics, Safety, and Health POSTER Session
Safety Considerations in Agriculture
Strategies for Safety Communication and Education
Perspectives on Water Resources Development and Management in Africa
3D Machine Vision for Sensing and Automation
Advanced Computational Approaches for Solving Agricultural and Biological Engineering Problems
Advances in Instrumentation and Controls
Apps in Agricultural Applications
Big Data and Data Analysis for Agricultural Applications
Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Biosensors for Agro-defense: Ensuring Agri-Food Safety
Cloud Computing and Internet of Things in Agriculture
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applications in Agriculture
Dielectric Properties and Sensing Applications
Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) Applications in Agriculture
Drying Modeling of Stevia Rebaudiana in a Solar Greenhouse Dryer using ANFIS
Dynamic Mathematical Modelling of a Greenhouse-Type Solar Dryer
Hyperspectral Imaging Applications
Imaging Technologies for High Throughput Phenotyping
Information Technology, Sensors & Control Systems POSTER Session
Innovative Teaching Approaches for Instrumentation and Control Courses
Machine Vision and Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics
Machine Vision Applications in Agriculture and Food
Machine Vision for Precision Agriculture
Robotics and Co-Robotics for Agriculture
Sensing for High-Throughput Phenotyping
Spectroscopic Imaging
Spectroscopic Sensing
UAV for Sensing, Imaging, and Crop Material Application
Advances in Cotton Engineering
Advances in Tillage, Seeding and Transplanting Technology
Automated Agricultural Field Machinery Data Collection, Analysis, and Utilization
Automation and Robotics for Fruit, Vegetables, and Other Specialty Crops
Autonomous Vehicles and Systems
Biomass Feedstock Supply Logistics and Modeling
Bionics Engineering for Agricultural Automated Systems
Crop and Soil Sensing
Data Management for Precision Agriculture
Engineering Technologies for Fruit, Vegetables, and Other Specialty Crops
Field Performance Evaluation of Indigenous Tractor Mounted Reaper POSTER Session
Handling, Storage, Transport, and Processing of Biomass Feedstocks
Handling, Storage, Transport, and Processing of Forages
Harvest Systems for Biomass Feedstrocks
Innovations in Precision Agriculture
Machinery Data & Task Optimization
Machinery Systems for Crop Production
Machinery Systems POSTER Session
Pesticide Formulation Application Technology, Environmental Effects
Precision Agriculture POSTER Session
Precision Application of Chemicals and Fertilizers
Precision Spray Applications with UAVs and Drones
UAS in Precision Agriculture
Advancements in CN and Runoff Hydrology
Advances in Drainage Design, Monitoring and Modeling
Advances in Ecosystem Evapotranspiration Research
Advances in Irrigation Management
Advances in Rice Irrigation
Advances in Surface Irrigation and Drainage Management
Agricultural Drainage: Past, Present, and Future – Honoring the Career of Dr. Norm Fausey
Anaerobic Digestion
Applications of UAVs in Irrigation Management
Applications Towards the Sustainable Development Goals
Aquaculture and Engineered Aquatic Environments
Benefits and Challenges of Microirrigation
BMPs and Water Quality: Conservation Systems
Center Pivot Technology Transfer Effort Sponsored by the USDA-ARS Ogallala Aquifer Program
Complexity and Dynamics in Coupled Natural and Human Systems
Computational Ecohydrology
Ecological Engineering Applications
Ecological Engineering Education: Problems and Projects (Mini Presentations)
Edge-of-Field Best Management Practices for Agricultural Drainage Systems
Environmental Tracers in Groundwater and Surface Water Systems
Erosion Mechanics and Prediction
Flood vs. Drought:  Water Availability and Watershed Management
Hydrologic and Climate Data: Challenges and Opportunities
Innovations and Challenges in Erosion Control
Innovative Hydrology and Water Quality Monitoring and Analysis
Lakes, Wetlands and Coastal Systems
Leveraging Big Data and Computational Tools for Tackling Environmental Problems
Low Impact Development and Ecohydrology
Management of Water and Land Resources under Extreme Events
Managing Manure and Agricultural Byproducts for Sustainability
Manure Treatment Systems
Measurement and Modeling of Ecosystem Services
Mitigating Western Lake Erie Harmful Algal Blooms
National Basin-scale Water Quality Review: BMPs and Beyond
Natural Resources & Environmental Systems POSTER Session
Nutrient Removal, Recovery and Recycle
Nutrient Transport and Cycling
Process-Based Modeling Phosphorous and Nitrogen Removal
Quantification and Mitigation of Soil and Nutrient Losses in Sustainable Systems
Reusing Rain and Wastewater On-site in Non-Irrigation Agriculture Setting: Opportunities and Challenges
Site Specific and Variable Rate Irrigation
Stream Processes and Restoration
Sustainability Metrics – Concept, Evaluation, and Advances
Sustainable Water Use in Agriculture: Traditional and Alternate Water Sources
TMDL Modeling and Analysis
Water Quality: Hot Moments and Hot Spots
Water Security Assessment in River Basin
Waterborne Pathogens and Emerging Contaminants
Wind Erosion
Agri-Industrial Facility Design and Operation
Animal Response to Environment
Biosecurity for Animal Facilities
Bulk Solids and BioMass Storage and Materials Properties
Design, Analysis, Testing and Assembly of Structures
Greenhouse and Nursery Technology
Innovative Resource Systems and Energy Strategies in Controlled Environments
Measurement and Mitigation of Air Pollutants from Livestock and Poultry Housing
Plant, Animal, & Facility Systems POSTER Session
PM2.5, VOC, and Other Emission Factors for the Livestock and Poultry Industry
Precision Animal Management and Environmental Control
Advanced Treatment Technology on Food & Organic Wastes/Byproducts Management
Advances in Bio-Based Plastics, Composites and Products
Advances in Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Properties of Biological Products
Biochemical Conversion and Bioprocess Modeling
Drying, Handling and Storage
Food Process and Engineering
Food Safety Engineering
Microwave and Radio Frequency for Processing
Modeling Crop and Feed Drying, Handling and Storage
Modeling and Optimization in Food Processing and Storage
Physical Properties and Effect on Drying, Handling and Processing
Physical Properties Related to Drying and Storage
Processing Systems POSTER Sessions
Spectral Scattering, Fluorescence, and Raman Technology for Food Quality and Safety

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