Dear Colleagues,
It is our privilege to invite you to the 13th International Congress on Mechanization & Energy in Agriculture (AGME-2017) along with the International Workshop on Precision Agriculture to be held at Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture, Izmir, Turkey, 13 -15 September 2017.

We would like to invite the scientists and the researchers to present the results obtained from their research studies and also companies to introduce their high-tech products and services, offered on the market, by presentations during the conference sessions and advertise them in the conference documents. Further information about the congress can be found at below web address:
We do believe that the International Scientific Congress in Mechanization and Energy in Agriculture will become a place for meetings scientists from other countries and discussions in order to overcome the challenges of transforming the innovative ideas into products and services, which create development in agriculture.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Izmir for our congress and workshop.
Best Regards,

Prof.Dr. Erdem AYKAS
Head of the Department
Ege University
Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Agricultural Engineering & Technology
Bornova – IZMIR – TURKEY 35100
Phone: +90 (232) 311 2656 

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مکانیزاسیون کشاورزی بعنوان یک وبسایت کاملاً تخصصی در زمینه‌های مرتبط با مهندسی بیوسیستم و مکانیزاسیون کشاورزی همواره کوشیده است تا با جمع‌آوری و ارائه آخرین اخبار و مطالب مفید برای مختصصین و علاقمندان، موجبات دانش‌افزایی در این زمینه تخصصی را فراهم آورد.

«تمامي كالاها و خدمات اين وب سایت حسب مورد داراي مجوزهاي لازم از مراجع مربوطه مي‌باشند و فعاليت‌هاي اين سايت تابع قوانين و مقررات جمهوري اسلامي ايران است.»

«قیمتی که در هنگام سفارش مشتري در پیش‌­فاکتور منظور گرديده است، معتبر مي‌باشد».