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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of agricultural mechanization?

Agricultural mechanization is the use of any level of technology in agriculture in order to achieve maximum productivity while observing the aspects of achieving sustainable and healthy production.

What is the most suitable technology for agricultural products?

Choosing the right technology requires a systemic approach to agriculture. The choice of technology (from simple hand tools to the most advanced equipment) depends on technical, economic, environmental and social issues. Multi-criteria decision making methods can be used for this purpose.

Is it economical to build a greenhouse?

The construction of a greenhouse depends on the topographic conditions, climate and access of the site to the road and water, electricity and gas (or diesel) rates, product type, market analysis, available manpower conditions and finally economic analysis. Therefore, for effective operation of the greenhouse, technical, economic and social justifications must be considered to determine the minimum economic level.

What level of technology should be selected for greenhouse operation?

Choosing the right technology in the greenhouse requires technical, economic, environmental and social analysis, and according to the type of product and its needs, as well as the availability of technology can be used to mechanize the greenhouse. Benefit from the basic level of using simple tools to technologies at the level of intelligent greenhouse management

What is the difference between "Greenhouse Intelligent Management System" and similar examples?

Intelligent greenhouse management system produced by Pishgaman Zist Saman Hooshmand Company is able to manage the environment inside the greenhouse according to the needs of the plant to not only reduce input consumption costs, but also maximum performance per unit Surface to be produced. This system does not require human intervention and operates quite intelligently.