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Ranking Agricultural Industries is a concentration of Agricultural Mechanization Specialized Website (www.agrimechanization.com). This ranking has been founded in 2019 and the first report revealed by AGRIMECHNIZATION.

The aim of AGRIMECHANIZATION is to make farmers familiar with successful industrial companies while the industries will have this opportunity to be seen by costumers throughout the world. Moreover, the companies will be offered an overview of their robustness and weakness.

The ranking that has been done by AGRIMECHANIZATION Team, is based on available data on:

  1. Revenue;
  2. Employment;
  3. Average revenue in the years of company lifetime;
  4. The revenue per capita of employees;
  5. Lifetime of company;
  6. Official website ranking; and
  7. Updated revealed data;

AGRIMECHANIZATION Ranking 2020 was done on 16 company, which information have been clearly revealed.

Below, the ranking results are listed as below ©[*].

  1. CNH Industrial
  2. China National Machinery Industry Corporation
  3. John Deere
  4. Claas
  5. Fendt
  6. Bernard Krone Holding
  7. Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited
  8. Rostselmash
  9. SDF Group
  10. Yamabiko Corporation
  11. Landini
  12. Amalgamations Group
  13. Valtra
  14. Zetor
  15. Valpadana
  16. Agronic Oy 

It is obvious that the effect of all criteria of assessment were not the same on the result of ranking; thus, the criteria were weighted by entropy method and ranking was done by technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) as a multi-criteria decision making method.

This procedure of ranking is under development, our team aims to cover more companies and more criteria will be involved in the next turns of ranking. Therefore, companies are all welcomed to share their data with us.



[*] ©Copyrighted by AGRIMECHANIZATION.
To see Ranking Agricultural Industries (2019) please CLICK HERE.


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Getting started in July 2013, AGRIMECHANIZATION is the first Agricultural Mechanization Specialized Website that aims concepts related to agricultural engineering, technologies, automation, machinery, and biosystems engineering towards food security and sustainable agriculture.