Carrot head

In food factories, the separation of carrot heads and bottoms for processing (pickles, jams, etc.) is of particular importance. For this purpose, this machine has been designed and built by the order of Sahar Hamedan Food Industries and by our team.

It should be noted that the maximum working capacity of a worker is about 150 kg per hour, while the capacity of this machine with a 1 kW motor reaches 2 tons per hour.

In addition to low capacity, low accuracy, the need for large roofed and air-conditioned space, requirements and restrictions due to epidemics, requirements of safety laws, etc. for manpower work and similar issues, using a machine with dimensions of about 2 At 1.5 meters to a height of 1.5 meters with a maximum power consumption of 1 kW, can help significantly increase production efficiency in the food industry.

It should be noted that the application of this device has the ability to be generalized to cucumber and other agricultural products, and its custom construction according to customer needs is also possible.

This device has a completely indigenous and exclusive design and all material and intellectual rights of exploiting this plan are reserved.

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