Pruning the garden and branching of walnut trees

Rehabilitation of old gardens and utilization of high quality commercial cultivars in terms of water productivity, drought tolerance, resistance to adverse weather conditions, pests and diseases, high yield, marketable quality, suitable tree dimensions, etc. are inevitable for dear gardeners.
One of the ways to improve old gardens is to rejuvenate the trees based on old and strong roots. Therefore, branching these trees can help gardeners save time between trimming and exploitation.
Walnut tree branching is one of the new services that has been promoted recently, and we have succeeded in helping to increase the productivity of walnut trees in more than 600 orchards in the west of the country by having experienced staff in the field of transplanting these trees. In this way, substandard trees were branched with late flowering commercial cultivars and improved the productivity of these orchards.
In addition to providing garden and tree pruning services, a branch training CD has been prepared for those who are interested, which can be purchased from our store.

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