Off-season food supply has increased productivity of inputs, reduced production costs and improved the quality of crops and horticulture. Therefore, the development of greenhouses and hothouses was at the forefront of low-cost implementation strategies to achieve these goals.

A greenhouse has the ability to create an isolated environment, providing a suitable climatic conditions for crop cultivation throughout the year. At the same time, the control of pests and diseases can be easily done in the environment.

At present, the development of greenhouses is sometimes done experimentally and trial and error of foreign samples is done by some contractors. Meanwhile, the construction and equipment of the greenhouse is subject to calculations and design appropriate to its application in specific climatic conditions of the structure.

Pishgaman Biosystems Hooshmand Company, in cooperation with Pardis Biosystems Company, has succeeded in creating teams specializing in the fields of structural engineering, mechanical engineering, biosystems and horticultural sciences, in order to take the necessary care in the construction and equipping of greenhouses.

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