TIMESCALE International Project

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1) TIMESCALE International Project
Research on space greenhouses has also opened the door to aerospace research centers. As in the horizon of 2020, the European Union defined a project called TIME SCALE with a consortium of eight universities and research institutes from six European countries (including Norway, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands) and a panel of scientific advisors from the United States and Canada. , Germany, Norway and Sweden sought to produce edible plants on the space station.
This idea may seem ambitious and imaginative at first glance; But in 2006, a spacecraft on the International Space Station was successfully tested, and in the EU 2020 horizon, traveling to other planets is an inevitable option for space travel.
Research on such greenhouses is of particular importance. Because, outside the atmosphere, gravity accelerates the travel and makes it difficult for the plant to absorb water and nutrients. Therefore, by creating a centrifugal current, the phenomenon of gravity to absorb water and nutrients in the plant is simulated. One of the limitations of this project is the volume of space and modeling plant growth.
Pardis Biosystems Pardis Company has an experienced staff in the field of developing plant growth models who have had the honor of collaborating with the University of Wachningen in the Netherlands to implement part of this project. In addition, collaboration with Belgian and Spanish companies in analyzing the performance of greenhouse control systems shines through in the company’s track record. Therefore, if you want to audit or analyze the performance of control systems in the greenhouse or plan the cultivation pattern for maximum profit, you can benefit from our advice.

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